Deter or detect by lighting

We offer various types of reliable advanced security lighting systems available operating on timers, switches or by remote control. External security lighting is one of the most low cost yet effective deterrents of burglars since it is known burglars are less likely to enter someone’s home when they have a bright light shining on them.

Security lights even keep you safe by allowing you to see clearly and prevent you from tripping or falling if you do need to be outside after dark as well as crime prevention. Insurance companies like knowing people are investing in security measures because there is less likely to be a claim on their policy.


Affordable feeling of safety

Once we have fitted your security lights, give your insurance company a call to see if they will lower your premiums. Security lights have a motion sensor where a movement will activate the light. These lights can also be set to a timer. Outdoor LED security lighting is becoming the preferred choice. Not only are they very bright, they are extremely durable and have a much longer life span than traditional forms of halogen lighting.

The other big benefit is that they are far cheaper to run than old forms of external lighting. For a non-obligation quote and very competitive prices, contact us for a chat to discuss how we can cater for your outdoor lighting solutions.

Connect To Your Home From Anywhere In The World

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  • Control all intruder systems and cameras effortlessly.
  • Simply track every utility and get instant notification.


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