Split-screen viewing

Split-screen mode enables the capacity to monitor your essential security and others call to action on a single screen.

Visual alarm verification

Confirms your action by giving on time notification through enabling accurate alarms is the key feature.

Live & recorded video with audio

On demand record facilities with monitoring live stream is seamlessly professional in our IMMS app.


Check these quick features

Voice Push Notifications

Receive audible voice notifications direct to your device to let you know that your smoke alarm has gone off, carbon monoxide has been detected, or someone is in your garden with the ‘perimeter breached’ notification for an early warning of an intruder before they get in the property

Remote reassurance

Quickly and conveniently control and check the entire status of your alarm system from one place, wherever you are.

Set & unset

Individually set and unset areas to secure your property, or to allow access. This can be for the entire property or specific areas should you want to allow a pet to roam freely or accept a delivery without generating an alarm.

Real-time HD video monitoring day & night

The Pyronix HD Wi-Fi cameras deliver perfectly clear video by automatically adjusting to light conditions. When dark, the cameras switch to night vision and even in total darkness still provide clear images, by using invisible infrared (IR) LED light to illuminate the area. sirens and much more

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